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This site informs the general public, business people and developers about Nxt

Short introduction

NXT is a descendant of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Its code was built from scratch to provide innovative technologies which solve the flaws of the Bitcoin Protocol and to offer many new features. This Proof-of-Stake currency is still in its infancy but already caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency world.

Get started!

Quick Start for Users

1. Install a Client

Install one of the available clients to create your Nxt Account or use this simple Online-Wallet.

Step 1

2. Long Passphrase

Use a strong and long password to create your Nxt Account. There are no wallet files, just these passphrases to access Nxt accounts.

Step 2

3. Get some NXT

Get a small amount of free NXT or simply buy NXT at one of the Exchanges: bter.com, dgex.com or cryptsy.com for example.

Step 3

Businesses / Developers

Payment Gateways & Modules

CoinPayments is an easy solution to integrate payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or NXT.

Exchange Integration

View the Step-by-Step-Integration for automated sending and receiving NXT on your site. Or contact us and we connect you to a developer who can help!


Head over to the Nxt-Wiki or an indepth look into the Nxt-API.